Martin Russmann

Software Architect Consultant Project Manager

It’s all about software

I am working as a Freelance Software Architect and Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the software industry.

Feel free to contact me: questions, thoughts, project ideas - all welcome as long as it’s about software.


definition and implementation, moving towards micro-services, migration of legacy systems, defining processes and structures to support the delivery process and the underlying business needs, view on server-less architecture...


agile project management, team and stakeholder management, controlling, escalation management, experience in large scale international projects, interim management


organization and process consulting, agile transition, introduction or optimization of a continuous delivery chain, requirement engineering, reporting structures



Martin Russmann

My Job:

Freelance Software Architect and Consultant


Dipl. Kfm. Information Systems (Univerity)

Language Skills:

German / English


Cologne - Germany


on request

Latest Projects

My Professional Skills

programming languages

and Frameworks: and frameworks: Java, JEE, Sping, SpringBoot, Playframework, Javascript, Node.js, Express, Python, Spark, Hibernate, SQL


Docker, Vagrant, Kafka, Consul, Chef, Puppet, Lets Encrypt, Hashicrop Vault, Hadoop, Jira, Confluence

Industry Knowledge

Large scale web-portals, trading, banking, consumer goods, tourism, marketing, software product development